HIER combines a film noir-style investigation with an exploration of altered states of consciousness.

The central character, 50-year-old Otto Ganz owns a thriving building and civil engineering company that operates worldwide. Some very costly problems on a building site in North Africa mean he has to go there (he hates travelling), to a country where he is confronted with memories of his youth, which have been carefully buried in the depths of his mind. Meetings in ministries, disinformation, the reappearance of a past love who had mysteriously disappeared, an investigation in the local underground to find her: Otto Ganz slowly plunges into a labyrinthine world, where present and past intertwine.


Bálint Kenyeres -  Director and Author

Attila Csáky - Producer - Cameofilm

Mátyás Erdély - Director of Photography

François d'Artemare - Co-Producer - Les Films de l'Après-midi

Michael Eckelt, Dirk Decker - Co-Producer - Riva Filmproduktion

Anna Croneman - Co-Producer - BOB Film Sweden

Tamás Beregi - Story Contributor

András Forgách - Story Contributor

Franz Rodenkirchen - Script Doctor

Zoltán Gyovai - Assistant Director

Betti Kuli - Project Manager - Cameofilm

Julianna Ugrin - Co-Production Coordinator - Cameofilm




Kenyeres Bálint